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SGD $25

SGD $4

* Valid for the first 10 customers only

It seems impossible to plan a proposal under $200 in Singapore. But hey, there is a way of doing it and that's how we survive in this styling industry for years!

In this 24 PAGES EBOOK, we will be REVEALING the secrets to our styling industry on how to plan the perfect proposal without bursting your bank. All you need is just 15 minutes of your time, we have done the research and hard work for you.


Find out how to gather the information to her dream proposal location in just 3 SIMPLE WAYS

Personality Test - Choosing the right location to propose in Singapore FOR FREE according to her personality

3 CREATIVE SCENARIOS that you can use to lead her to your proposal location UNSUSPECTINGLY

Simple yet grand proposal settings that require LESS THAN 90 MINUTES TO SETUP on your own

Get our supplier information to purchase the ALL THE MATERIALS NEEDED for the settings we provide for LESS THAN $200!

Get the EXACT quantity and list of items needed recreate the proposal settings provided. No more second guessing on your part!


One-time special PROPOSAL PROP RENTAL rate with us UNDER $100 just for you in case time is running out on your end (We will throw in a CUSTOMISED STEP-BY-STEP guide on how to piece the decors together that's worth $100!)

One-time special FRESH FLOWER BOUQUET rate with our preferred florist (Psst... It's UNDER $100 for most flower bouquets!).

Get 14 DAYS ACCESS TO US for any proposal planning and decor help that you might have. We will help you troubleshoot your idea and guide you along the way.


Planning for a proposal may seem like a daunting task for most of you. How should I propose to her? What would be the best setting for her? What if hiring a professional is too expensive and it's not within my budget? We totally understand that - imagine us having to go through this process with EVERY SINGLE CLIENT we serve! 

Lucky you for finding this proposal guide (read it and you will understand why)! We've done all the days of research that you need to know to plan a fanciful proposal without bursting your bank. Want to know what's the best part? These methods are already TESTED and PROVEN TO WORK for you! No more worrying if your proposal plan will fail due to inexperience, we will bring you guide you with our experience at every step of the way.

The hard work for you, so that you don't have to. All we need from you is to TAKE ACTION and SPEND 15 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME reading our simple guide to proposing in Singapore. 

SGD $25

SGD $4

* Valid for the first 10 customers only